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Pastures and Forages

Agrototal’s forage seeds are the result of an experimentation work aimed at obtaining high quality seeds, favoring production, adaptation and food value.

Agrototal produces mixtures on request, suitable for different situations. Forage and grassland mixtures can be used for a variety of purposes: permanent rainfed or irrigated grassland, grazing, mowing or both; for orchards, olive groves and vineyards; and as coverings for restoring dehesas.


Annual ryegrass; Perennial ryegrass; Bromus; Alpista tuberosa; Tall fescue; Panasco


Bersim; Common Vetch; Sawdust; Thermocilla; Batansa Clover; Red Clover; Persian Clover; Subterranean Clover


Luzerna; Trevo Branco; Trevo Violeta


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